The Blind Missions

Love Moved In

      After months of healing he is released from the hospital, then honorably discharged from the Navy. Time to move to the next chapter of his life, being a civilian. Picking up a business card in a random real estate, he meets a little package of a woman that just might make him feel better about having survived.

      Meeting her scheduled appointment, she shows Mr. Connor Henry an apartment. Put her eyes back in wow! There are decent, and holy hot, men around! His application said Navy. It seems she needed to stop by the Navy base to find real men. Sure, she’ll help a sailor find a port!

      Intent on getting to know DeDe better, Henry jumps at moving in across the hall from her. What better way to borrow a cup of sugar, right? He'll just forget to mention he doesn't cook. When a medical emergency leaves DeDe in need of care, Connor jumps at the chance to change her mind about men.

      Especially him.

Commence Falling.....In Love

      Leaving a wedding, he comes across a lavender dressed damsel, cursing out her car. Impressively he finds out the sailor vocabulary belongs to Gena, the super shy wall flower, and one best friend of the bride.

      Gena Letter, the florist, and co-maid of honor, has married off one of her best friends to a Navy SEAL. The lucky woman had love move in across the hall from her. He also brought eye candy galore with him. Gena noticed his friend, Douglas Gage. Drool! Too bad she is broken.

      Leaving the wedding to find her car dead, Gena has no idea that she has an audience to her sailor proud curse out of her car. At a male voice she comes out from under the hood to find one tall, dark haired, blue eyed, man laughing at her.

      Gage tried for a date with a red head at the wedding tonight. This was a different red head all decks were standing up in notice for.

     Even with a warning the SEAL has made up his mind.

     He intends to commence falling in love. With her.

Love Came Knocking

    As Stacy Braes little car limps into the parking lot, she hopes they agree to let her hire them. Please let the lights still on mean a person is still working. Her stalker is right behind her, and she knows he intends to kill her. To her relief, a large man answers her knocks and screams.
     As he lets her in, the large man suddenly throws her to the floor, covering her with his body. In doing so, he shields her from gunshots. The attack officially moving Stacy from scared to completely terrified.
     Let's also toss in turned on. That is a whole lot of man that has jumped to protect her. Can she hire him to protect her up close, and very personal?
    Loud banging, coupled with screaming, has Kayman moving fast. The opening of the front door has him find a scared woman with a man firing a gun at her. A case literally landing on the doorstep.
    Unable to explain why, Miss Braes is claiming his full attention as she begs him to keep her safe. He likes the client lying under him, and not so he can protect her. Kayman agrees, at her pleas, to be her personal bodyguard.
    The first rule of a job? Don't let it get personal. Too late. That rule went out the window the first time Kayman touched her, then brings her into his home to protect her.
      As the stalker closes in, will the love Kayman is searching for, get yanked from his grasp? With his team standing with him, Kayman intends to win.
      Love came knocking, and he intends to protect it at any cost.


Stumbling Into Love

    A little mishap lands David Royan under the watchful eye of the woman he coveted from afar. He decides his opportunity has opened the door, so let's march on in. Even though he feels he is damaged goods, no other woman compares to her. There is just one teeny problem.
    His boss Cliff Kayman, A.K A her brother, carries a big gun. Kayman will definitely shoot him if he messes with her. Decisions, decisions. Then again, he believes she is worth the whole Nurse Nightingale gig he will surely get.
    He called her! Gwen Kayman is so not letting this opportunity get by! Cliff can punt, this is her life and she wants this chance. Happily, she steps up and calls upon her besties the 'Four Menaces', to make sure she has plenty of ammunition.
    Failure is not an option!
    Besides, two strong men around are better than one. Someone is stalking the security office's employees. They are looking for a woman, who in need of a bodyguard hired Men At Arms Security. He wants her back and is willing to take on the men to get her.
    The stalker is not taken seriously until the first attempt comes against Henry's wife DeDe. At that Royan moves in to keep Gwen safe. He then is stumbling into love so fast he has no idea how he fought it for so long.
    The men rise to the occasion of protecting all that is theirs. When you fall in love, you protect it with all you are.


Unconditional Love (A Falling SEALs Novella)

      Ed Westin and his wife Danielle are childless due to circumstances before they met. Happy with each other, they are the doting Aunt and Uncle of their group.

      When worlds are shattered, grieving two and four-year old boys Alec and Mark, need them to fill the void the sudden loss of their parents, has created.

      As a Navy SEAL, Westin quickly learns the current enemy are giving the terrorists he once battled, a run for their money. Who knew two little kids were capable of these things?

      When he and Dannie aren’t on the same page, let alone in the same book trying to regroup, he has to figure out how to lay his demons to rest and be the man his father was not.

      Per the reports, Daddies are way cooler. Maybe he should try that approach.


Rebuilding Love (A Falling SEALs Novella)

      Growing up in foster homes, Brent Cykes accepted he was an orphan, finding a family when he joined the Navy, becoming a SEAL. He has brothers whose loyalty was forged in battle and is thicker than blood.

       For years he wondered where he came from but is not sure he is ready for the answers when Pandora's Box is blasted open. 

        The old saying, be careful what you wish for, definitely applying when long-buried skeletons are released.


Live and Love, A Falling SEALs Novel  

They still jump without parachutes. 

 Quince helped his co-worker Cykes, with the care of his ill cousin. The beautiful Bella, makes him finally desire to try that whole dating gig again. The bad news is she tries it with someone else first and all hell breaks loose. 


     Now he's signing up to bodyguard her from a dating nightmare that endangers the whole team. Will Quince accept the job of keeping her safe, or go AWOL when his dreams are threatened by the secret she reveals?




Stay tuned! More to come!