Meet THE MACKAY CLAN        

        descended of magic and power             


Can't Outrun Destiny

      Duncanne Collinne MacKay may descend from Druids, but she doesn’t believe the superstitious stories heard since childhood.
      Tucked away in her memory of the night she snuck out, is the drool worthy man in a kilt who rescues her and her cousin, Evan. After warning her to stay away from the runes, Gavin Leod promises to protect her with his life. He then leaves her with the gift of a Moonstone set in silver, as a token. The ring’s swirling stone heightens her gifts. The same gifts she keeps tucked away in denial.
      Banned from visiting Scotland after that night, Duncanne is dragged back to Scotland due to the need of settling family affairs. The job is unfortunately hers by default, as everyone else has passed and not by natural causes. More like well executed accidents, on full moons.
       Unknown to Duncanne, this visit to Scotland will start a collision course that has been gearing for centuries. The Sleeping Warrior legend tells stories of a duty that will be fulfilled.
       On his patrol, Gavin spots a woman running from the enemy searching for her. He intercepts the woman, discovering she is his thought to be lost ward.
       Duncanne Collinne MacKay tried to outrun her destiny. Now she will carry a big sword to meet it, as she uses the family’s fabled power to save their existence.
       All while she clutches tightly to the love she has found in a time not hers.

seizing destiny   

       Seeking her lost love, Gwyneth Rhapsody hides who she really is when she arrives to her family’s keep. As the lost sister of the four MacKay lairds, she has no interest in the family’s history. Her guilt for leaving is enough to live with. All she wants is to find her love, lost in battle many years ago. Her spells say he is reborn and is somewhere in this time. Out of options, and power, she has little choice but to come to Scotland. She needs their assistance in her quest.
        Beathen, or Ben, is drawn by his dreams to visit Scotland. He has no idea evil follows him to use against the MacKay Family. Standing at the gravestone he flew all this way to see, he begins to believe what he sees are memories of another life, with a red headed woman who still holds his heart.
        The Sleeping Warrior is called to arms when the keep’s visitors brings Destiny back to the door. The dreams are saying the family may be in danger. The hope is the visitor arriving on the doorstep, is an asset, as interestingly enough, she possesses power much like theirs.
        Will the MacKay’s visitor be a help, or a hindrance when Destiny comes in the form of evil from the past. 
          Or was it from the present?

When Destiny Shifts

      Ainsley MacKay's ex-husband hired men to execute her. The police reports say she was protected by wolves, who destroyed the men coming to finish her. The rangers don't believe they are that smart, but maybe the amulet left around her neck is a clue to something more? 
      After Gary saves a woman from being slain, he plots how to find her. The gift he left, says she is his and always protected, as his mate.
      When the two reconnect, they find a centuries-old enemy is closing in on Ainsley and unite to defend against what is coming.
      The MacKay have a Destiny to fulfill. As for falling in love..... that is just a bonus.

freeing destiny


      Finally narrowing down her 'heebie jeebie' feeling, Andrea MacKay brings home to Scotland the relic it emanates from.               Next thing she knows her family casts a spell and she is staring at a real live Scottish warrior. The bonus? He is the enemy of her Uncle Gavin, who thought the man long dead, where he left him in 1601. Insert the "You got to be kidding" here.
      Locked inside a cold dark prison for centuries, Roderick Roberts has no idea where he is when he is freed. All he recognizes is the feeling of warmth from the woman he's clung to until now.
      Unfortunately, evil is circling back. She wants her relic and the man that was in it. She also has a centuries old bone to pick with Andrea's Aunt Anne. Knowing she is in danger, Roderick gives his protection to her and her clan in gratitude for his freedom. When he unknowingly loses his heart to the stubborn and opinionated little lass, he realizes the modern-day might not be so bad.
      He just has to survive the evil after him and Andrea's Uncle, who is still debating on killing him, all while he protects Andrea the only way he knows how.
      With a big sword.


chasing destiny (A destiny's path novella)   
spring 2022!

     Travel to Scotland with Eliot and Laurel when he searches for his lost origins. Will they unravel history? Or will the skeletons contained all these centuries be let free?
     All Eliot knows is he has fallen in love with the Druid who saved his life. Now to get her to love him in return.

there is more to come!