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Happy Valentine's Month!

February is the month of romance! I am a little behind, but still have plenty of time to regal you with my books of romance, adventure, and Happily Ever After!

To start off, I have available to you, my wonderful readers, is a digital format only short story, The Honeymoon, featuring Roderick Roberts. You met him in Can't Outrun Destiny, and his story is told in Freeing Destiny. Now join them on their honeymoon into the world that Roderick missed growing up. Best of all this is FREE!!! Download your copy and enjoy a quickie (wink, wink, lol).

I am hard at work planning. New book appearances, a few new releases, and I mentioned a new series, Snowflake Wishes a bit back. I didn't forget; I've just been planning, outlining, and arguing with muses. 
You know, the crazy construction stuff that gets a book out to you. Stay tuned to see the fun kicking off.
All my news will be here and on my Social Media accounts. Find me on Facebook, Instagram, Threads, and Twitter.  
I do ask for one tiny little favor from all of you. Leave some reviews. They will move my books up in standing to be more noticed. I thank you from the bottom of my keyboard for those few minutes of your time. 



Warmest regards -Patricia

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Happy Hearts Day!

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