Happy Summer!


The Wandering Wordsmiths have enjoyed seeing you all at the venues. Please remember we will follow any rules set for a scheduled event. I will post here if there are any special requests. While we want to see you, we also want to keep everyone safe. 

I am working on some great stuff for all my series. With lots of notebooks piled on my desk, it has been a little bit here and there kind of work. My poor brain is like a flea on a hotplate flittering about. While the characters are happy with my attentions, I am thankful for notes! I would never know who I was talking to about what! They can be so demanding and interruptive sometimes. Oy! 

I do ask for one tiny little favor. The platforms that sell my novels, will promote based on standing. The more reviews I have, the better the standing. Please drop me a few stars and a little tidbit to show me some love. I thank you from the bottom of my keyboard. 

Get out and enjoy the sunshine! I am writing from the garden these days. 


Warmest regards -Patricia


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