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Happy Winter!


The flying snow makes it the perfect time to curl up with one of my hot reads. 

Currently on Kindle Unlimited are my Blue Collar Series and The Falling SEALs, Blind Mission Series. If you have not had the chance to check them out, now is your chance. Paperbacks are available if you prefer the feel of paper. Or, stop by a future signing for personalized one. The appearance schedule is being worked on as you read.

The brainstorming is in full gear as I wander through the many works I have going on. Trust me! With eight books, and a reissue in the works, there will be new goodies coming to you soon. 

I do ask for one tiny little favor from all of you. The platforms that sell my novels, will promote based on reviews. Some stars and I loved it will go a long way. The reviews will move my books up to be more noticed. I thank you from the bottom of my keyboard for those few minutes. 

Keep stopping by for the latest. There is lots in the plans.


Warmest regards -Patricia

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