It's 2022!


Happy New Year!

Welcome 2022. May you be kinder than 2020 and 2021. Please? 


I am outlining the year and hope to see you at future book signings. As Spring approaches, I will be scouting out the latest and greatest for myself and The Wandering Wordsmiths to attend. We had some great places last year that afforded us safety and fun. We will always follow the rules set for a scheduled event. I will also post if there are any special requests other than masks, social distancing, and sanitizer. Keep safe everyone. 

Working hard all year means I do take a "little vacation" from writing during the holidays. That decorating and baking won't get done unless I step away from the keyboard. That said, I get great ideas while rolling cookie dough. The notebooks overflow with them. 

So far, I have one release for spring, A Destiny's Path Novella, Chasing Destiny. The cover is awful pretty, if I do say so myself. Keep an eye out, I am working on more great stuff to this series, as well as working with the SEALs who are clamoring for a new Blind Missions book.

I have also had some requests to revisit Catching a Cowboy's Eye, one of my earlier releases. I hear you and I can say I have been tossing ideas about. It is tough when more than one character is clamoring for a story. You may get more than one at this rate. (They can be so demanding!)

Thank you everyone for the support and encouragement that got me this far. You are the best!

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